• Holiday games

    Holiday games

    • Short, one screen game for entertainment and announcements
    • Check it out!
  • Gotcha


    • Wait for the bug to be in the target, then grab it
    • Each level ends with quotes from Mark Twain
    • Check it out!
  • HSC


    • Website built to complement the I Spot Something Hot DVD mailer
    • 4 separate games to teach home safety – puzzle, maze, dress-up and sorting
    • Custom animation and voice overs
    • Check it out!
  • TurfMutt


    • Mini platform game using keyboard control
    • Animated dog collects seed packet prizes and plays a catching game at the end
    • Check it out!
  • Germs Away

    Germs Away

    • Logic and gravity mingled together
    • Remove the green shapes off the playing board without losing any orange shapes
    • Some shapes have special attributes, some explode
    • Check it out!
  • Sculpture Studio

    Sculpture Studio

    • Logic and painting mingled together
    • Try to match the model shown by painting, cutting, punching and rotating in the correct order
    • Check it out!
  • Adventure Trails

    Adventure Trails

    • Logic, gravity and adventure mingled together
    • Draw a line with your mouse to get the avatar to his goal, and the next level
    • Watch out for chasms, arrows, boulders, birds and spiders
    • Check it out!
  • Miami Dolphins Field Goal Frenzy

    Miami Dolphins Field Goal Frenzy

    • Beat the clock and moving goal posts to advance
    • Earn bonus points for a hot streak
    • Check it out!
  • SudokuSolver


    • Complete interactive puzzle development incorporates custom tips and tools
    • Custom CMS
    • Custom user registration and passcode system
    • Check it out!